Forest and Mountain


The Alto Sella Tourism Association joins together a number of tourism providers (such as rural cottages, bed and breakfasts, hotels etc), and other activities within the Picos de Europa district of Asturias. All these local businesses provide the necessary information to organise accommodation, walking routes, excursions, activities and events to ensure visitors have the most enjoyable stay possible


Our association promotes the Alto Sella region as a destination for getaways and holidays, set within the Picos de Europa National Park in Asturias. It is a region ideally situated as a base to explore and get to know the area and all its highlights, from the Riaño valley to Arriondas, Fuente De, Cangas de Oní­s and Ponga, with easy access to the best of the region.

In Amieva and Ponga, as in the rest of Asturias, you will marvel at the natural beauty found all around. The landscape that forms the bulk of the Cornión, the Sella, Dobra and Ponga Rivers, the meadows of the mountain passes in the National Park and the diverse and plentiful wildlife make this a tourist destination filled with tradition and culture of a quality which is as impressive to us the locals as it is to our visitors.

All the listed Rural Cottages, Holiday Apartments and Hotels are officially registered with the Asturian Tourism Department.

Those who haven´t already visited the Alto Sella and Picos de Europa regions will realise on their first visit that they should have come before.

Those who have visited invariably return to repeat the experience.

Whether you have been here before or this is your first visit, do yourself a favour and immerse yourself in the region and all it has to offer.